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I’m Katherine Phillips, aged 56, relaxed and fun, independent, emotionally strong, a little quirky but well balanced, down to earth, supportive, sociable, spontaneous and happy.

I’ve been self-employed since 1989! I’ve been married twice (to two men with alcohol addictions), but was mostly a single parent when I brought up my children. I now have a partner but currently live happily with my two grown up daughters in Essex.

Two of my most successful businesses are in networking and so this is one of my specialisms

What I Do

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What They Say

Toby Acton Business Growth % Development Specialist

Katherine is a truly fantastic businesswoman and she is a real pleasure to work with. She makes quick decisions and she understands the importance of outsourcing and delegating - traits that are fundamental in building a successful business. Her Pop Connect and ScreenPop networking businesses are going from strength to strength and offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and gain valuable exposure and referrals in these difficult times

Nicola Westcott Professional Will Writer

I have known Katherine for five years now. She has created an amazing network with Pop Connect and I'm proud to be a member! Full of inspiring women (and more recently men!) My business has grown from strength to strength by virtue of my membership and I've made some very good friends in the process. Highly recommend.

Sue Fishpool Professional Will Writer

Screenpop have given me access to new relationships during the COVID lockdown that I would never have been able to realise for myself working from home. Katherine's professionalism and enthusiasm for her business and for introducing local charities to her networks give small businesses, small charities and sole traders opportunities in this digital era that are a godsend. Katherine is always available, quick to respond to any situation and has her clients needs at the forefront of her vision for her business. I totally recommend both Screenpop and Popconnect, thank you Katherine!

Business Mentor

I am very much an ideas person, creative and imaginative in my thinking. I find it exciting to help others with their businesses, sparking ideas and helping them thrive. I am also trained in, and have a particular interest in, people’s personalities and personality testing. You are the face of, and spokesperson for, your business. Therefore, understanding and learning to get the most from your own personality really can help you in terms of how you work, how you grow and how you thrive.  You are the driving force behind your business, and I am here to support you, cheer you on and help your business succeed and flow.

Networking Specialist

Unless you network on a drop-in basis (which tends to have much less success), you are probably spending a considerable amount of money networking and also a considerable amount of your time is taken up.  So why not make sure you are making the absolute most of the opportunity? Are you engaging people, getting their attention? Are you coming across as warm and interested? Are you meeting the right people and connecting effectively? Do you feel supported and are you a thoughtful member, considering others in the group and looking out for opportunities and referrals for them? Do you feel awkward or worried that you could be networking more productively but not sure how to make changes and what changes are necessary? 

Having started and run a successful face to face networking company since September 2015 (www.popconnect.net) as well as being a partner in an online networking company (www.screenpop.club) which we started in May 2020, I have a great deal of experience in networking and how to really reap rewards through making small tweaks and changes. 

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